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It’s in this space that you can more easily receive the guidance and nudges that the Angels are giving you!
Have you ever noticed that some of your most helpful ideas come when you’re in the shower, driving, or just out walking? It’s because your mind is not so stressed!
Let go and release the cares of the world for a while — it will feel good!

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Soul Awakening Light and DNA Activation
It started as a 144 strand DNA Activation...
... quickly moved to 382 strands...
... now it's 800+ strands...
... to 1000's of strands
... and it includes SO MUCH MORE than just DNA activation!
Oh, have we mentioned full Kundalini Awakening yet???
More info to be added soon on this, but in the meantime,
it's real, it's happening, it's nearly effortless for you,
... and its impact is huge!!!
(Just started a page on that. See the Kundalini Awakening page )
For now, back to DNA Activations...
One day while I was playing...
One day while I was playing...
One day, I was doing a random affirmation that all of my DNA was activated. At the time, I was aware of 12 strands...
Next thing I knew, the Angels were guiding my hands to above my head, and showing me that there was DNA there that wasn't yet activated.
I asked if this DNA was activated in anyone I knew personally, and the answer was no.
However, they guided me to the pictures of ascended masters on my kitchen wall, and indicated that some of this DNA was activated in varying degrees and strengths in THEIR auras.
Oh, THAT was good news! Here was MORE information related to soul awakening and enlightenment!
Very few of the ascended masters had ALL the DNA above the head activated, and mostly the DNA seemed to have a small field or reach, but for several, I was shown the field extended much farther and more strongly!
Since that time, the Angels and Ascended Masters have shown me where the 144 strands map out etherically in the aura (only a portion of it is above the head), and so much more!
THEN they let me know that there was yet more... So please keep reading, and come on this journey of quantum soul awakening with me and all the Angels!
Since there is no way for me to keep this information constantly current and up-to-date, I will leave you here now with the basics, as far as I am aware of them right now.
Why Activate our DNA?
Why activate our DNA?
Because it is part of our spiritual expansion! Our DNA holds our Divine Potential.
Once activated, it enables us to step into higher levels of soul awareness, love and light.
Information about both our physical and spiritual lineage is encoded in our DNA. When we activate and reconnect our dormant DNA, it restores our natural and intended flows of energy, so that we are then able to access the encoded information.
It's as if our master blueprint has been locked up and inaccessible. We know there's a plan, and most of us would love to be following that plan, but we have no idea how, because we don't know what the plan is!
Then, in activating our DNA, we open the master blueprint records, and finally we are aware of what was in the plan! This is usually at levels beyond our conscious mind.
The more of our DNA we activate, the more of our master blueprint is unlocked.
However, as with everything else, we have free will. Whether or not — or how much — we tune in and listen is up to us, but the tuning in and listening part of it gets easier!
It gets easier BECAUSE activating this much DNA ALLOWS us to expand more, spiritually, and generally makes us WANT to tune in and listen!
The beauty of it is, that as we expand spiritually, this DNA will naturally, gradually, activate itself, especially if we have access to the patterns.
For example, if you were to tune into the energies of various saints and ascended masters, you would find that in them, some to all of this DNA has been activated in varying degrees and strengths.
What this means is that as more and more individuals have their DNA activated, it will become more and more the norm. In other words, it “spreads”!
As more and more of our DNA is activated, it allows a fuller expression of our souls in this physical earth plane, and allows us to be who we were meant to be!
How many strands are there?
How many strands are there?
I was initially only aware of 12 strands.
When I first began working with the Angels a few years ago, the Angels would do these wonderful "Ascension in Love" ceremonies for my clients. I was given that each ceremony activated another two strands of DNA, until all 12 were activated. Soon, all 12 were simply being activated all at once, and I just took it for granted that this was happening for each client.
Then I became aware that there was MORE DNA to activate, and we started activating 144 strands.
Within a few days of this discovery, however, the Angels were letting me know that
I was activated not through 144 strands, but through thousands of strands!
To give you a little more background, I had recently started playing with consciously "expanding and awakening through more dimensions," going well beyond the third, fourth dimensions where most people are. I was stretching out through... well, lets just say that dimensions go on out to Infinity!
So as I asked questions and began to understand the process a little more, here's what my current understanding is:
Each dimension that we expand through gives us access to more DNA that can be activated.
Fourth Dimension: Being awake in the fourth dimension allows us access and activate the 12 strands of DNA that are associated with Ascending in Love.
Fifth Dimension: As we begin to awaken here, we find that there are 144-strands (including the 12 strands of the fourth dimension) that can be activated.
... and as we learn how to expand through yet more dimensions, there is no limit to how much MORE DNA can be activated!
The universe is very EXACT in what it brings us!
You may find the following amusing:
I had been affirming "ALL of our DNA is activated." And so because I was expanded and awakened out through these many dimensions, and continuously reaching through more, we didn't stop at 144 strands, but kept going!
Had I simply been asking that all of our 144 strands were activated, that's exactly where we would have been. 144 strands.
And so here we are! I have much gratitude, because this is all so phenomenal and is bringing such amazing quantum leaps in our awakening,
So how far would you like to go? 144 strands, or farther?!
Benefits of DNA Activation
Benefits of Activation Include:
… increases your connection with your higher self and allows you tune in more to your soul’s energy.
This brings many benefits, such as:
  • allowing you to come into greater alignment with your soul’s purpose.
  • reconnecting you with divine wisdom and the universal intelligence
  • bringing forward talents and aptitudes that have not yet manifested themselves.
  • bringing greater clarity to your life.
  • allowing you to develop increased intuition and clairvoyance, which will help you to tune into your guidance and your Angles more easily. In most cases, this happens gradually.
… allows you to receive and hold SIGNIFICANTLY more light in your body — in your physical body, and also in your aura, especially the mental and emotional body.
… you will also carry more LOVE!
… while the 12-strand activation enables you to be more fully present in your heart chakra (a space of more love and compassion), extending this activation through a much greater number of strands allows you to be more fully present in ALL of your chakras.
… enables you to receive more love and light from the angels, any time that you are in a place of love.
… allows for a deeper connection with others.
… brings more energy to your energy field, and also increases the energy in your physical body. This results in increased physical health.
… increases the resiliency of the physical body's DNA. The Angels explain that the "light" causes the DNA to change, undoing damage that may have occurred over the years.
… vastly increases your connection with the Universal Grid. This is HUGE "Reconnection" energy!
You may have heard of The Reconnection... This DNA activation results in the reconnection of yet MORE of your personal energy grid to the Universal grid, and through many more frequencies and in a much stronger way than with the traditional form of The Reconnection.
… allows you to "vibrate at much higher frequencies"
… brings us closer to the completion of our earthly incarnations.
… results in faster and easier manifestation in some individuals, depending on the size and strength of the individual’s energy field.
Additional Benefits that depend on the Facilitator
Additional Benefits that depend on the Facilitator
There is much more to DNA activation than just "Activation". For example:
The "Activation" of the DNA is the process of reconnecting our (etheric) DNA to the Universal Grid ("The Reconnection" energy).
Then there's reconnecting the DNA (that is, the etheric DNA) to the physical body. This then activates the DNA in the physical body.
There are also more genetic components than just DNA that will benefit from activation, and it's helpful if those are included in the process!
DNA can be activated to various levels of strength. We might start with the basic activation, but this can be expanded out through many levels, meaning that it can be connected to the Universal Grid through more of our dimensions. (Thus, the varying strengths of this DNA in the fields of the Ascended Masters as I described earlier.)
SO, depending on the facilitator...
 The magnitude of the LIGHT that can be carried following the DNA activation varies.
It can be very small and weak,
              ... or it may be very strong and magnificent.
One of the biggest factors related to this is the chakras of the client.
Therefore, a facilitator who is "tuned in" may be guided that there are significant other things to clear before beginning the activation...
For example, the Angels ALWAYS guide me to do overall clearing on ANY individual I'm working on, before we start with our specific requests. They can see the big picture! They are aware of the big things that are significant to your overall energy that your soul is asking to clear.
Clearing these other energies first opens a basic flow through the chakras.
The Angels are very clear in communicating that these things may be more important (initially) than the DNA activation, and that clearing the chakras will expand the energy resulting from the DNA Activation.
So it may be the second session before the Angels let us know that we're ready to proceed with the DNA activation, but if that's the case, you can be assured the activation will be much more smooth and harmonious for you and that the results of the activation will be far more signficant than they would have otherwise been.
I have had to learn to be patient, because the Angels always know best! Trying to rush things doesn't help anything!
Also relevant to the amount of light resulting from the activation is the love energy of the facilitator:
The more the facilitator has opened his or her space of love, the more LIGHT will result in the DNA activation.
The Angels are always letting me know that there are individuals who carry a lot of love, and those who carry a lot of light, and then there are those who hold a lot of BOTH. They do not always necessarily go together! This is also relevant to the next point...
DNA activation also enables us to expand our LOVE energy through more dimensions.
The love expansion of the facilitator influences the amount of love received by the client, which can then make a significant difference to the love expansion in the client resulting from the DNA activation.
To continue...
Additional genetic components (beyond the DNA) that have been activated in the facilitator will also be activated in the individuals receiving the activations (if requested by the facilitator).
And next...
Since DNA can be activated to various levels of STRENGTH...
The greater the strength of DNA activation in the facilitator, the greater the strength the activation is likely to be in the individual receiving it.
The greater The Reconnection energy in the facilitator (i.e., the flow of energy through the Axiatonal lines which link us with the Universal Grid), the greater this resulting flow will also be in the client.
This is something I haven't touched on yet, but according to the Angels, the amount of Reconnection energy can vary greatly, depending on what has been reconnected! For example, many individuals have had their Axiatonal Lines reconnected through the seven main chakras, but there are many more energies to connect, for example, the minor chakras at the sides of the body, and also the chakras that continue above and below the body.
The clearer the energy of the facilitator, the more harmonious the process is likely to be.
For example, whenever someone else does any kind of energy work on us, we are influenced not only by the healing energies, but also by other energies that the facilitator may be carrying, such as grief, sadness, anger, and other dense energies.
Conversely, you will also receive the wonderful benefits of the beautiful energies that the facilitator is carrying — such as all those spaces that have already been transmuted into love in light.
Therefore, individuals who are constantly working with energy will likely be a better channel as a facilitator for the process. Their energy is much more likely to be in balance, and they are more likely to be carrying more love and light.
... and there are more factors, but this will do for now!
How many Activations do we need?
How many Activations do we need?
Each time you receive another activation, your energy system is rewired to handle higher frequencies, reaches through more dimensions, and activates more DNA.
      Strands of DNA Activated   Dimensions   Our circuits: Illustration of
how much energy flow and
light we are able to handle
  Before   Anywhere between 2 and 12   Third or Fourth   50 Watts
  First Activation   144 or more    Fifth   400-500 Watts
  Second Activation 160 to 400 Around 60 dimensions or more 900 Watts
Subsequent Activations   It just goes on and on.
Use your imagination!
*** HINT: I cannot possibly keep this page and these numbers updated! ***
As we do more and more of these activations, these numbers go UP, often exponentially!
You see, all this info was originally written around March 2012.
By July 2012, a first-time activation is usually taking people to at least 500 strands, and some to much higher numbers!
So please use this only as an indicator, and increment all the numbers based on how much more expansion might have happened since this was originally written!
The first activation::
So the first activation will ensure that you are activated through 144 strands (*** this is old info... think thousands ... ***) , or possibly more, depending on your system and how easily you can accommodate the changes.
Imagine that, before the activation, your system is able to handle the amount of energy that will light, say, a 50-watt lightbulb.
Just for a point of reference, you can imagine that the most wonderful Ascended Masters have brought their light to something around 1000 watts.
(I'm adding an additional note here a few months later, in July, 2012, based on the current activations: The Angels are encouraging to let you know that YES, this means we have now exceeded the energy flows of where most of the ascended masters were. There are, however, a few exceptions, particularly among a few of those we consider "avatars", so we can still keep expanding!!!)
The first activation will likely re-wire your energy system from a 50-watt lightbulb to handle something more like a 400 to 500-watt lightbulb.
You will also become more present in the fifth dimension.
(Most people are present in the third and fourth dimensions. Some have expanded beyond...)
It will take several hours to "process" the first activation, and it may continue bringing changes for another week or more.
After you've "processed" the first activation, we can continue with a second activation.
The Second Activation:
Now that your energy is clearer and ready to handle this, the second activation will activate you potentially through several hundred strands of DNA.
And where are you on the lightbulb scale?
I'm given you can now shine with the intensity of a beautiful 900-watt lightbulb!
 This activation is the one that will bring the light surrounding you to BIG AND WIDE, filling your whole aura!
You'll be able to move easily through something like 60 dimensions now. 
(It took me a while to learn how to get here, but now I am able to easily pass it on to others!)
Now THAT'S AWAKENING — or at least a good part of it!
Subsequent Activations:
If you were to keep on receiving these activations, you would eventually end up with thousands or more strands of DNA activated, and expanded through hundreds or more dimensions.
Each activation brings more love and light overall, as well as more wonderful reconnection with the Universal Grid!
This means more communication with your soul, more guidance, more strength and presence of Angels with you, and a greater flow of LOVE!
Activation through more levels ("stronger" activation):
Each time you receive an activation, your DNA will be activated through more "levels".
When the Angels first showed me the DNA that was activated in the various ascended masters, they showed it as activated through varying numbers of strands, and also in varying strengths. In some, it was narrow within the energy field, while in others, it was much wider and felt much stronger. "Stronger" simply meant it had been activated through levels.
So activating through more levels means that more of the stresses are gone, and the patterns of clockwise spirals are stronger.
It's exceptionally powerful!
The amount of love and light that results in people’s energy fields is PROFOUND!
It’s huge, to the same degree, and more, as the amount of light that people bring back when they have a near-death experience.
This is taking some of our energies, especially our light and our reconnection energies, to and beyond where some of the Ascended Masters have been able to get to in the past. They, however, had to work and meditate diligently for years and probably lifetimes to get to this point. Through Grace, now, we are now able to pass this on, with very little effort on the part of the individual receiving it.
Please note that LOVE is still supreme, and we're still working on that! (And yes, our love DOES increase significantly through these activations!)
DNA Activation is only ONE component of the big picture!
DNA Activation is only ONE component of the big picture!
The Angels caution us to not get carried away with DNA Activation as the "one thing" or the "big answer"!
DNA activation is only ONE of MANY components that we need to work with in order to "wake up".
I'm given it accounts for only a small part of all the energies we need to work with.
Please note that the Angels emphasize the word NEED. As in, waking up is not optional, and there are many, many parts of our soul that we need to work with! Of course you have free will, and so you can take as long as you like!
For now, however, just take one step at at time, and the Angels will guide you.
DNA Acivation is ONE of those steps, and it will help you on your journey!
Actually, reconnecting with the Universal Grid is another one of those "components" that is important on our journey of awakening, and since that reconnection initiates and/or expands during this unlimited-strands DNA activation, you're actually looking after two things with one process!
Your job...
Your job...
Just a little note of caution here: Based on the information I've been given, once your DNA is activated...
it will be important for you to take regular time to rebalance!
It doesn't need to be a lot of time. Just spend 15 minutes or so in a space of "being", such as meditating, relaxing to beautiful music, enjoying a warm bath, going for a refresing walk outdoors, breathing deeply, or whatever works for you.
The intent is to do something that will shift your energy out of the your busy space or mind-space, and into a state of more "being" for a while.
The ideal would be at least every 2 days, but I'm given at LEAST every four days!
Apparently, in the absence of rebalancing time, significant stresses may result. (That's just what I was given.)
Take this and GROW
Take this and GROW...
Pretty much everything I've written here is original information that I've received from the Ascended Masters and the Angels (with the exception of a few of the benefits, which have all been validated by my Angels!). I've asked a lot of questions, and they have beautifully and patiently guided me through understanding this so far. I KNOW there's still much more to learn!
I would ask that if you wish to use any of this information as a reference in your own materials or website, please add a note to credit the source, i.e., my website.
Please know also that it is very likely that my understanding AND the energy that I carry has probably already grown in leaps and bounds since this was published. My energy has a habit of doing this, especially since I'm always actively working with the Angels to find new energies to expand into. You see, growing in love, opening "new spaces" in love in light, "awakening", and generally pursuing soul expansion and enlightenment — those ARE my priorities! (Udating my website is NOT!)
And if you're anything like me, I have no doubt that in having this information as basic groundwork, many will go on to receive more information and answers of their own. It is this sharing that helps us ALL to continue growing and expanding.
Thank you!
Light & DNA Activations and Workshops for Groups
Let me bring a Soul Awakening Workshop to you!
Please help me!
I cannot keep up with the Light & DNA Activations on an indivdiual private-session basis,
    and group activations are BY FAR the easier way to go...
 ... so please consider bringing a one-day workshop to your area.
If you live in the United States and have a group of 12 or more people who will attend the workshop,
I would love to bring the workshop to you!
As the facilitator or coordinator for the group, the workshop would be free for you.
Please contact me at ChristinaJoy@QuantumJoyAwakening
Invitation to local groups
Would your group appreciate a Soul Awakening DNA, Kundalini & Light Activation?
If you are part of a group that meets in or near the Virginia Beach area, I would be happy to bring this activation to your group during your scheduled meeting time!
Please count on approximately 2½ hours for the presentation and Soul Awakening Activation.
This includes an intro with a video presentation illustrating the effects and the results of this beautiful activation as well as "energy" from the Angels in the form of an Awakening Patterns movie, and then the Soul Awakening Activation itself.
We'll also "play" and see how much light people have, before and after the activations, which everyone always really enjoys.
Suggested donation of $50 per person, but ALL are welcome, regardless!
Please note: Although the $50 represents a "fair exchange" for the activation, the Angels say it is important that as many people as possible receive this Light & DNA Activation, therefore, ANY amount will be accepted.
To schedule an activation for your group, please contact me at ChristinaJoy@QuantumJoyAwakening
For groups within a 4-hour drive of Virginia Beach
You could choose a full-day workshop, OR...
We can also bring the shorter, 2½ hour version to you.
This includes an intro and some videos with an overview that includes lots of information and other "energy" from the Angels, and then the Soul Awakening Activation itself.
We'll also "play" and see how much light people have, before and after the activations, which everyone always really enjoys.
One-day Soul Awakening Workshop: $130 prepaid, $160 at the door, minimum 8 people
Soul Awakening Activation (2½ hours):  $60 prepaid, $75 at the door, minimum 18 people.
Please understand that while the presentation or workshop time may be a few hours or a day for you, I will be carrying, processing, and continuing to work with everyone's energy for days afterwards. This is a significant commitment on my part, including much of my time!
To schedule an activation for your group, please contact me at ChristinaJoy@QuantumJoyAwakening
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